The Shahada

A few days ago, America experienced an event that was almost 100 years in the making.  The moon passed in front of the sun, creating a total eclipse. Scientists were ecstatic.  Curiosity seekers were in awe. And almost everyone evenly remotely interested in this rare phenomenon shared the wonder of the moment.

But while most people went their respective ways after the event, I reflected for a while on what I had seen – from a spiritual point of view.  I looked at this as a lesson, one that if taken in the context of our faith, spoke volumes about the creation of the universe.  Let me explain…

When we make the Shahada, the Declaration of Faith, one point is especially important.  In the first line, we “…bear witness that there is no G-d but ALLAH.”

Before creation, there was only ALLAH.  ALLAH was/is An-Nur, The Light. With His proclamation, “BE”, our Lord created the universe. In spite of its new creation though, the world remained in total darkness until ALLAH infused it with His Holy Spirit.

If “There is no G-d”, there can be nothing!  Absolutely nothing, no people, no animals, no reptiles, no plants, not one thing exists without the Grace of G-d.  There is complete darkness, physically AND spiritually. When there is no G-d, there can only be absolute darkness! As we experienced with the eclipse, the light remains ever present but darkness covers the universe. We follow up this period of darkness with the proclamation, as we say,, “but ALLAH”.  Darkness, in spite of the efforts of many, cannot survive. ALLAH’s Holy Light will inevitably shine through.  When He chooses and by His will, light again comes forth.

In His Infinite Mercy, ALLAH’s Holy Light forces darkness to go away.  As-Salaam-Alaikum.

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