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Several years ago, when my son was in the 4th or 5th grade (don’t remember exactly), his class was about to begin a sort of interfaith discussion on religion.  Well my son, in his infinite wisdom, whom I truly love dearly “volunteered” me to talk to the class on the subject of Islam and our beliefs in G-d.  So, being the super fantastic, supportive parent that I am, I said OK.

On the day of my presMuslim Childrenentation, I arrived at his school and sat nervously at the front of the class until his teacher introduced me.  And looking at the class, I realized almost immediately that the material I had planned would not work.  So, this would be completely “off the cuff”.  I prayed for guidance.

My time arrived and I was introduced.  And after again asking for my Lord to guide me, I began my presentation.

I introduced myself and was about to begin my discussion when the question occurred to me to ask these 9 or 10 year olds if they’d like for me to show them G-d? Of course, they answered with a resounding YES!  I promised I’d do it at the end of my presentation.

Until then though, I asked each of them to describe their teacher – in one word!  So I passed out little sticky notes to each student and asked them to write down the one quality about their teacher that they liked the most.

In my talk, I gave a short discussion about our faith, its history, general beliefs, etc.  And at its end, I again asked the students if they wanted to see G-d.  And again, they answered YES!

At that point, I collected the sticky notes and wrote the responses on the board.  I then explained that they would NEVER be able to see G-d with their eyes.  But in their hearts, I explained, is where our Lord lives. The feelings, those real qualities that they see, the ones that they like most in their teacher are signs that God exists inside of her.  Not one of them “saw” with their eyes the qualities that they wrote down. But their ability to recognize those things are proof positive that they live in G-d’s presence too.

The Quran teaches us that Allah provides signs to those of us who can see!  As-Salaam-Alaikum.

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