Commentary of Al-Quran

Tafsir of Imam W.D. Mohammed


We believe in the inherent will. We believe that G_d created man’s material substance as a bow and his spirit as an arrow. And his material substance, one day, will get tired of suffering and going the wrong way and his own material matter is going to pull back, strain the spirit and fire a desire out as an arrow. It is going to take you, show you how to go home.


You know, the native Indians, they used to fire an arrow to tell the rest of them where they were going. The chief, or the one appointed, would take an arrow and shoot the arrow as far as he could in the direction they were supposed to go in. And all of them saw where that arrow went, and they would go right in that direction. I guess when they go to that point, he would fire it, again, to keep them going where they were supposed to go.



 (2)G_D’S WILL

 So, the one bow, it doesn’t just fire one arrow. The bow fires two arrows, but they are going to one aim, one destination. What are these two arrows? The human spirit that G_d created us with and the Spirit of G_d in us. G_d did not create us with a human spirit, without His Spirit, also being there. That is why the human spirit is so powerful. G_d is always there with it, always present. And that is the power in your human spirit. It is G_d. The power in your human spirit is Almighty G_d. He is there just waiting on you to accept the better part of your own self and love and want to respect the better part of your own self. Once you accept your better life and you want to respect it, G_d comes into the spirit with you and your effort is not just your effort. Your effort is also Divine Effort.

That is why in our Holy Book, it says, “They were seen fired in a direction, one direction, going to the same objective or to the same aim. Two arrows fired from one and the same bow,” meaning that man strains, inside, to take his life forward. And that straining is like the pulling back of the bow; it fires his will and spirit. It fires it out. But when it is fired, it is not only his will and spirit. It is also G_d’s Will. And if we can wake up to believe that and accept that, we will never feel hopeless ever again.

How can we feel hopeless or helpless, if we believe what that is saying, that G_d has created us but has not created us to be alone? He created us to have a will as humans, and that will is so powerful it can defeat the world. But G_d will not leave that will to battle the world by itself. His Will is right there with you, working with you, to see you succeed; G_d’s Will.

Qur’anic References: Sura 53:2-11

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