We’re in the final stretch of this blessed month of Ramadan….and in the words of Imam Sulaiman (Atl), “the final stretch in a race is when you give it your all. You don’t slow down. That means leaving off bad habits, making more rakahs, offering more dhikr, doing more good deeds, etc.”
Let’s end this race together!

I heard an explanation on Laylatul Qadr from Sheik Omar Sulieman that makes sense to me.

“Laylatul Qadr is when you feel in your heart more of a greater closeness to Allah. The Jewel of the month is Laylatul Qadr, the consistency of increase of being more G_d conscious. Allah is worth a greater sacrifice. Allah is worth a greater share of our hearing (what we listen to), our seeing (what we are watching), our thoughts, our heart, our time, and our wealth.If we have been striving to do those things Allah asks of us during this month of Ramadan, as we close in on its ending, we pray that we have become closer to Allah; more conscious of our pleasing Allah. – Sheik Sulieman

Please enjoy this commentary that I have received greater clarity on and am sharing. I always wondered what it meant by the 2,3,4 pairs of wings because Imam Mohammed (may Allah forgive his sins and grant him paradise) helped us to think higher than just literally, Al-Hamdulillah, ran across it this morning!


Commentary of Al-Quran
Tafsir of Imam W.D. Mohammed

We have many rakats in prayer. We have many sections of prayer. But there is a prayer that we say in the month of Ramadan and it is finished with one rakat. Only one section finishes it. We say two sections and we sit down. We stand up for a third section and we pray one rakat and we finish it. Scripture says that the dead will be resurrected and they will be awakened with three blasts. But G_d says there is going to come a time when only one blast will stand the dead up. And that is what I am giving you now, the one blast that will stand the dead up. All you have to do is keep your interest focused, stay clear, keep that in mind and never forget any time or any day you are living. Never forget that your first interest is supposed to be your Maker, Who created you and everything. Wake up with it and go to bed with it and I guarantee you that you will not need any more rakats to keep you standing. I am not telling you to change the prayer. G_d obligated us with Revelation. Our Holy Book is our guidance, but I am telling you that will wake us up.  References: Qur’an 69:17; Eight bear throne * Qur’an 39:75 *Qur’an 40:7

Hold up the throne means the rule of G_d. They support it without question, without allowing their own thoughts to come into the picture.

Wings are used to lift up. Every time we make sajdah the believer makes ascension

Two wings = two rakats, Fajr

Three wings = three rakats, Maghrib

Four wings = four rakats, Thuhur, Asr, Ishaa

Two hands, two knees, two sets of toes, forehead, nose = 8 points

When you make four rakats you make eight sajdahs. We want the throne to be successful, too. When you make Thuhur Prayer, Asr Prayer and Ishaa Prayer, you make four rakats with eight sajdahs. What is the throne? It means the rule. Man wants to preserve the rule that he has over the family, town, nation. If you want to preserve the rule, then break the day for prayer. If you want to hold up the throne, interrupt that business. Look at how successful the Muslims were. Under the Prophet, they became the greatest society on earth and they led other societies back to civilization.


The throne means rule. Man wants to preserve the rule that he has, whether over the town, the mayor, state, nation, house, etc. To do it, he has to stop in the busy part of the day. It is hard during the workday and most people won’t interrupt, break habits, to remember G_d. Look at how successful the Muslim world was in the early days of the Islamic society. They led other societies back to civilization. What happened to them? They got too busy with the world and lost Allah; and there after, they lost the world. That is the proof.


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