Jesus, the SUN of God

In a conversation about Jesus, someone once asked me to define light. The question came out of the clear blue, I was caught off guard.  It was an honest question, but admittedly, one that I had never even considered.  So without thinking about it, I offered several “definitions”.  I was then reminded of the question.  “Define light”.  My answers reflected my lack of thought.  I gave him devices that provided light.  I offered uses of light.  But I did not provide a “definition” of light.

I was then asked to close my eyes and “tell me what I saw”.  A ridiculous question, I thought.  I saw nothing.  My eyes were closed!  My new acquaintance then asked me to “hold my finger in front of my face and then open my eyes”. “What”, he asked “was the first thing I saw”?  I saw my finger! This was crazy, I thought.  To be sure I understood the question, we repeated the exercise twice more.  And in each instance, my answer was the same.  I saw my finger.

Then he explained, the first thing I saw was light!  And it was only because of it, that I was able to see my finger.  “Light”, he described, “is aGod's Holy Lightnything that is visible and makes other things visible. There are many vehicles of light, many ways that light is created, but none of them”, he added, “is light itself”.

In our daily interactions, we often overlook (consciously or sub-consciously) the light of our creation. We often confuse the “creator” with the “created”.  Considering this, we can understand Ibraham’s (May G-d be pleased with him) logic as he evolved in his thinking, in his spiritual growth. In his search for a better understanding of his Lord, he considered the stars, the moon and the sun (6:74-82).  In each, he found reasons to discard the creations.  He ultimately found and submitted to the only true Creator, almighty God Allah!

Just as the sun reflected the physical light from the ultimate source of ALL light, Isa (Jesus) (May G-d be pleased with him) also reflected the spiritual light of Allah.  Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, and other prophets personified the light that came from our Lord – in accordance with G-d’s plan.  Their message was clear.  It left no ambiguities. Like the physical sun, it provided an absolute source of light all over the world – as directed by Allah alone. In this sense, one might regard ALL the prophets of G-d as “suns” of G-d.

Our Holy Book, the Quran teaches us that G-d does not reveal Himself directly, but guides us instead by means of revelation, occurring through the direct inspiration of prophets or through angelic intercession. (42:51-53)

Jesus (May G-d be pleased with him) and the prophets, these “suns” of G-d have provided (and continue to provide) light to all who accept the revealed truth of the oneness of Allah, who believe in the revelation sent to them and who believe in the hereafter.

May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be with you.

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