Message from The Promised Land #3

With G-d’s name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer

“Allah’s Supremacy is Real ; Pharaoh’s is Delusional”

Rashad Sharif, Imam
Masjid Al Mu’minun, 4412 South Third St., M.E.M.P.H.I.S., TN

He, Allah, is As-Samad (the Eternal one on whom we all depend).  He is prime.  He is not derived.   He is not a secondary factor in the context of some other entity or some other consideration.  He is the prime factor and every other person or consideration is secondary at best.  He does not beget so as to be defined in context of having an important son. He is not begotten so as to be defined in context of having an important father.  He is without likeness, without equal.   Anyone who puts someone or something in Allah’s place has certainly traded down, because He alone is Allah and He alone is Eternal and Absolute and there is nothing like unto Him, and nothing can take His place for real. Surah 112: Ayaat 1-3 say so.

That’s the way it was; that’s the way it is; and that’s the way it always will be.

The Good News that Allah has always been, remains now, and will forever be the Prime and Eternally unrivaled factor in all affairs at all times means that all “wanna-be” prime factors are just that: “wanna be’s” that will never be.  Both the Bible and the Qur’an, for example,  show us that Pharaoh was a “wanna be”,  and he really thought he was  “all that”.   At least, he projected himself, with the help of his magicians, as if he really believed he was “all that.”  By the time he realized that there is no “all that” but Allah, it was too late for him.

There is no ruler like Allah, because Allah rules without having needs.  And all the servants of Allah could not gather together to increase Him, His Power, His Rule in anything in any way at any time.  Allah rules with justice, mercy and truth because He has no needs that drive His rule.   By contrast, Pharaoh was a ruler that needed slaves to keep his program going.   His rulership was rooted in injustice, oppression, and deception because it was rooted in his neediness.

We may overlook the twin facts that Pharaoh had a sense of his own self  being G’d and that his program regularly created monuments to his “Supremacy”.

Pharaoh said: “O Chiefs! no god do I know for you but myself: therefore, O Haman! light me a (kiln to bake bricks) out of clay, and build me a lofty palace, that I may mount up to the god of Moses: but as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!” -Holy Qur’an Surah 28:Ayah 38

His “Supremacy” was made to seem real to everybody in Egypt – to him, to his “chiefs” near the top, and to his slaves at the bottom.  Everybody under Pharaoh’s rule was surrounded by the concept of his “Supremacy”, marinated in it, pressure cooked in it.

We must acknowledge that we, as a people once enslaved in this wilderness of North America,  had our psychologies likewise marinated, pressure cooked,  deeply baked and re-fried in a parallel oven set on “Supremacy” of other than Allah right here in the USA.   This may help us better appreciate the courage, the unexpectedness, the apparent  “unthinkableness” of  servants of Allah coming from among the slaves at the bottom of the societal order and directly confronting Pharaoh,  in his place and to his face.

Moses (Musa) along with Aaron (Harun) declared IN EGYPT to Pharaoh in front of his chiefs that Supremacy and awe and devotion are for Allah, the only one worthy  of being Lord in their lives, saying

“Our Lord is He Who gave to each (created) thing its form and nature, and further, gave (it) guidance.” Surah 20: Ayah 50 

We may likewise under-appreciate the courage of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his followers in the Nation of Islam in their open and bold declaration of “There Is No God But Allah” right in the midst of White Supremacist America in a land wherein the deeply baked psychology was that inferiority was a black thing and supremacy was a white thing.   His work and the work of his followers struck at the core of the prevailing false Supremacy in America.   The people legally freed from bondage could never freely establish lives consistent with their G’d-given form, nature, and guidance until they were freed from the psychology baked into themselves (and others) over the centuries.

Some may say, “This has no bearing today; we got past that a long time ago.”  But we should ask ourselves honestly,   when we think of the bottom in America, do we picture black, and when we think of the top, do we picture white?    Do we really picture “just whoever”  at all levels ?

If we see the African-American “natural” range as being the bottom (and perhaps extending up to the middle) and the “natural” European-American range as being the top (and perhaps extending down to the middle), don’t we have a paradigm problem?

Let us remember that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam not only challenged the concept of White Supremacy,  they actively and robustly projected the image of black people being naturally capable and, in fact,  DESTINED to operate Master-fully at the highest levels of whatever other human beings do.   They showed America and the world the image of  new-minded black men and women researching creation, flying jets, managing enterprises, directing shiploads of cargo into their own distribution network, cultivating wholesome families, and living clean, decent, strong and straight lives made new by the effect of taking in the worship of Allah alone and casting out the “White man’s teaching”.

This is only to say that there is no g-d but Allah for real, and that those of us who acknowledge having benefited from the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his downline – we have a head start on showing others how to be free, and Master-ful, for real.

Please be on the lookout for the next Message from The Promised Land at     We thank you for your time and attention, and always remember:   Every human being is M.E.M.P.H.I.S.  –  Missioned and Empowered to Monitor and Perfect His/her Industrious Soul.

[Expanded from Jumu’ah presentation at Muslim Journal’s 11th Annual “A Time To Be Grateful” ]

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