“What we should be concentrating on is establishing ourselves; the whole life, and follow our own purpose. That purpose for us now is to obey the law as Muslims following the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH).” – – – –

“Freedom Is To Move In Our Intellect To A Greater Vision, A Greater Purpose, To A Greater Responsibility Until We Are Comfortable With Ourselves In Our Life And In Our Purpose On This Earth. Until That Happens, We Will Continue To Be A Burdened And Confused People. It’s A Natural Requirement, The Life Of Every Human Being That Their Intellect Be Liberated.” – – – –

“G-d gives us a picture that he is drawing. G-d is painting a picture with words and is making a big screen before our eyes with beautiful things, with men and challenges for the men, to get us to see the life that He wants us in.” – – – –

“It’s important to know ourselves to see the picture clearly: Muslims are not just a people of faith, Muslims are not just a people belonging to a religion, Muslims are people obligated to live a model community life. G-d says He made us a witness for mankind, a witness for all people. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a witness for us. He’s a witness for us, if we are following his way, and a witness against us, if we are not following.” – – – –

“Whatever excellence Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) achieved in life, it was possible for the mortal human being, because he is a mortal human being just like us. And the point is made; it is emphasized in the Qur’an so that we would know that. That Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) excellence is not something that’s up in the sky, beyond human reach. Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) excellence is on earth with mortal human beings. And we are obligated to grow into that excellence that is exemplified in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), peace and blessings be on him. That’s the human being women, men; all of us. We are to grow into the excellence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), because he is the example for all of us.” – – – –

“G-d created people to be a community and it is only in community where you get your full freedom to live out your capacity or your ability as a human being.” – –

“The human family has human family solidarity. As our destiny, we have to accept the unity of the human family. Man has progressed socially and materially on this earth with a position now, globally speaking, that we cannot accept to ignore other nations and other people.” – – – –

“This is Independence Day, and I am inviting you to come to my meaning of Patriotism and walk these streets and know that they belong to you as much as they belong to any man. And see your future in this country and believe that the world is open to you as much as it is open to any man. Go on and build a great life for yourself, as much as any man in the United States of America.” – – – –

“All we have the power to do is respect our good nature, respect the good life that G-d created us with. And as long as we respect the good life that G-d created us with, we have a sure defense against Satan. Something that seems small with no power has the power to defeat Satan, and that is your goodness inside you. Just stay with your goodness and Satan can’t touch you. If you practice staying with that goodness long enough and faithful enough – you are not letting sex tempt you away from it; you are not letting greed for money tempt you away from it; you are not letting fear of wrongdoers or bullies take it away from you if you stick with that long enough, you will win guaranteed protection from Satan. He won’t be able to come at you in any way. You will be in Paradise, and he can never come into Paradise. He hates Paradise, just like he hates the righteous servant.” – – – –

“The Qur’an makes it possible for the human intellect to connect back with the creation as Allah intended for the intellect to be connected with the creation. The Qur’an is therefore the key, the miftah; the key that opens up the creation again for man to get the proper benefit that Allah, his G-d, his Lord, his Creator intended for him. That’s a great mercy!”

“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society” – – – –

“We are disciplining our whole life for the Sake of G-d, and G-d says in the Qur’an: ‘Fasting is for Me.’ – – – –

“We have to understand that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when he was leading his people with others with him like Abu Bakr, he said to them: “See that you don’t uproot or destroy the culture of the people. But give them Islam so that it will modify their culture and beautify the culture of the people and make it strong for G-d.” That tells us that all Muslims are free to have their own cultural life expressed by them and that it should come out of them. We shouldn’t impose culture on another people. We are talking about culture now in the sense of dress, not education. But education, too, is culture and it has to come out of them too, and it has to be influenced by Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life.”

“We should understand this as our Prophet (PBUH) told us, that Allah created the world to bring us together, to draw all people together. Now we see the answer to that. We don’t have to guess at what that means any more. The material interests have brought us together to be seen as one world; mainly in transportation, communication and economics. We have to live with one another and live side by side as nations and work together as members of a One World Order. The Prophet (PBUH) said Be careful how you treat your neighbor.” – – – –

“If you want to really do something about your condition, learn to respect money. In your religion everything deserves respect. If you get $10 in your hands, then know that is $10. Look at what you need today and spend that $10 very carefully. If you can manage today without touching that $10, then do not touch it. I don’t care how poor you are, you are supposed to save something for tomorrow.” – – – –

“Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH) said that G-d has inscribed excellence on or for everything. And another saying of his (PBUH) is, whenever the believer endeavors to do something, the believer seeks to perfect it, to make it excellent.” – – – –

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