Commentary of Al-QuranTafsir
Imam W.D. Mohammed

Read the Qur’an more. Learn it. Commit small chapters to memory. Read it and commit more chapters to memory. Read the book over and over again. Do not just read it in the month of Ramadan. Read it weekly; daily, if you can, so that you can memorize more of the book and become better acquainted with it. You will say, “Much of it, I do not understand.” That is okay. Much of what you soak in from the TV you do not understand, but you soak it in anyway, because you like it. The Qur’an is better and safer. It is pure and perfect for you. Soak it in because you like it. You do not have to understand it all.

When you put a seed in the ground, does it come forth immediately? The ground cannot deal with it immediately. The ground has to wait for the right season and then the nourishment has to come, gradually, to the seed. In time, the seed bursts forth and shows what was hidden under the cover of the seed; a corn plant, an oak tree, an olive tree, a tomato vine, etc. Do you think our mind is any different from the earth, that everything that goes into your mind you must understand it and get everything in it as soon as it goes into your mind? No. But, do not reject things. Let them come into your mind and they will grow and when the right environment comes along, the right season comes along, you will get the benefit. You may be too cold for it, right now. You might have to warm up a little. Sometimes, the season is too wet and too much water hurts, too. But when the right condition comes, the life that is there will come out. So, do not be afraid of knowledge. Do not be afraid of Qur’an. Read it. Study it. Commit it to memory, if you can. The more you take in the more you will read.
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