The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam

Islam guarantees the freedom of non-Muslims to practice their faith and protection for their places of worship.  The Prophet said, “Whoever harms a non-Muslim under the protection of Islam, I shall be their opponent on Judgement Day and they will not even smell Paradise.”  The Quran teaches that there are three types of brotherhood; brotherhood in humanity (this includes all human beings), biological brotherhood (one’s siblings), and brotherhood in faith (fellow Muslims).

Islam allows giving charity to non-Muslims and exchanging gifts and visits with them.  The Quran (60:8-9) exhorts Muslims to be kind and generous to non-Muslims.  It forbids forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam (2:256).  For centuries, non-Muslim communities thrived under Muslim rule.  Many Christians and Jews occupied prominent positions in the courts of some Muslim caliphs, serving as translators, physicians, and architects.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab “The Clear Quran Thematic Index” Book of Signs Foundation, 2016

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