Update to Masjid Reopening Status

Statement from the Memphis Muslim Community

Update to Masjid Reopening Status

As-salaamu-alaikum, Beloved Community!

I come to you with a report on behalf of the COVID Task Force Team, which met this past Monday regarding resuming live Jumu’ah services with restrictions in place to maintain safety as a priority.

The consensus of the committee is that we will return to the modified Prayer Area downstairs in the Family Life Center with limited capacity, as before, with the same protocols remaining in place of social distancing and required face coverings at all times, Insha’Allah. (Note you will need to ensure that you are following CDC and Shelby County Health Department Recommendations for attendance to our masjid. If you feel ill or anyone in your family feels ill or has been sick in the past 10 days, we ask you that you remain at home and not attend. Please bring your own prayer rug, as we are unfortunately not able to provide one for each individual. In addition, as a reminder, temperatures will be taken at the door upon entry to the masjid and if elevated you will not be admitted. Remember to use hand sanitizer and refrain from physical contact.) At this time we will be limited to a capacity of 24 attendants to Prayer service at any time due to space requirements.

We plan to re-enter the Live Jumu’ah services and return to the building for Friday Jumu’ah Prayer Services ONLY. This change is effective on Friday March 26, 2021. Prior to then we will continue to broadcast the services via our (Facebook, YouTube, Zoom) streaming service only.

Please refer to the original mailings and emails that were distributed regarding detailed instructions and guidelines. This will be discussed on the Community Checkup next week, March 18, 2021 as well. If there is any further change, you will be notified. You may feel free to contact Imam Muhammad Ameen, the Chair of the COVID Task Force Team or Resident Imam Wali Shaheed for more information or questions regarding this notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you back into Masjid Al-Mu’minun. We have missed you all.

With the peace and gratitude of our Creator,

Angel B. DeSquare,
CACC Chair/ COVID Task Force Team Member
(on behalf of the COVID Task Force Team)

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